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We partner with clients in all regions of the world, at international, national, regional and local levels, to implement economic, institutional and capacity development projects within a country's public administration, seeing them through the full change management process. Our projects encompass thoughtful planning, sensitive implementation, and most importantly, consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes. Every aspect of our work is tailored to the specific needs of the client and local circumstances, whilst ensuring flexibility and adaptability throughout implementation, and maintaining consistent high standards in quality. Our aim is to leave the client not only satisfied with the delivery of the result, but assured that it is the right result for them and one that will continue to have positive and manageable results well beyond project closure.

Our mission, vision and values are:

EU - the challenges ahead

European Parliament In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against Member States for failing to comply properly with their obligations under EU law. These decisions covering many sectors aim at ensuring proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses. The Commission has taken today 171 decisions, including 24 reasoned opinions and 10 referrals to the European Union's Court of Justice, out of which 7 include financial penalties. Below is a summary of the main decisions.

The Digital Champions met on the 17-18 December for the third time in 2012. The objective of this meeting was to assess progress of Digital Champions in 2012 and discuss plans for 2013. To date, there are 21 Digital Champions appointed. There have been four recent appointments: Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland and Croatia. The Maltese Champion mandate has now expired and has been replaced by a new one. The Commission hopes that Champions from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, and Spain will be appointed in 2013.

In recent years we've seen face, voice and fingerprint identification software move from Sci-Fi films into real life affordable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The TABULA RASA consortium, which is supported by EU research and innovation investment, has set out to identify just how well this new software works, in particular against the growing phenomenon of "spoofing".